South Seas Beach Beer

Very tasty! Little bit like a Beez-Nees, maybe a tad more pleasant!

6 thoughts on “South Seas Beach Beer

  1. hey I am happy to be able to give Positive feed back on this beer, this is a nice palette, engergique (could not translate) to drink, enough sweetness to keep wanting more and a lovely under tone of pineapple flavour.
    great conversation beer and good with hot dishes.
    Go south seas and keep it as natural as possible, we all know there is to much stuff in beers that is not good for us! – why bother drinking it?
    cheers, in moderation with fun.

  2. I was quiet satisfied with this beer. Unfortunately I sometimes find that some boutique brewery’s tend to put out a generic taste and feel in their beer, but these GC guys aren’t too bad.

    Really dug it with a big spoon. Twice.

  3. You guys are right!
    This beer is quite nice! I especially like the suttlenes of sweet flavours. It was a great cchoice of beverage to go with Battered Barramundi & Hot Chips!

  4. You guys are tops thanks for the positive feedback, we love doing the google on our beers from time to time seeing what positive reviews we get from good people like yourselves all the way to tossers who think they know better than the Masters that produce the beers, even the brewers are sick of the over night beer specialists with no formal brewing experience or for that matter websites set up by competitors to bag the little guys, well its just not working for them in our case you see were not out for domination we brew only so much per month for the worthy, we actually have a waiting list for our beer. we are happy being the silent achievers, so our 4th beer “South Seas Island” Lo carb lager and lime is out soon and you guys, diego, dan, johan, and nic are invited to the sample some with 100 others down here on the good old goldie the afternoon of the 11th November drop me an email and ill give you the details. yeah!

  5. hey nice beer i only drink this when i go to the Gold coast i go to a restaurant in Burleigh they have it there can we buy it in Adelaide in some form as i have told so many people about it
    My daughter and son in law also drink a fair bit of it
    keep up the good work

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